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Legacy: Living Beyond Ourselves

Congregational “Family Legacy”  Weekend

Our Family weekend is approaching fast! We hope that you have made plans to attend the sessions on Friday, August 30th at 7:00 pm, here at the building.

Our speakers Lonnie Jones & Ben Hayes, are both relevant, qualified and sought after speakers. Our theme for this weekend is “Legacy: Living Beyond Ourselves”.

Saturday, August 31  at 11:00 am  we will have our congregational picnic at Westminster Park (Rock Hill), be prepared to enjoy a little friendly game competition with ultimate Frisbee, an old fashioned kick ball game, and other game opportunities. We will have a ‘photo booth’ set up, so you can take a family photo (probably long overdue!)

We will have a cook out with burgers & hot dogs & Pelican’s snow balls will be there from 12:30 –1:30. We will hear two more lessons from Ben & Lonnie.

Sunday, September 1 we will conclude our weekend worshiping our God. Ben Hayes will teach a combined middle/High school class and Lonnie Jones will teach our adult class. Our worship service will be shared by both speakers.

Friday, August 30 (GHR)

7:00 pm

Session 1 (30 min) Lonnie Jones

Session 2 (30 min) Ben Hayes

Q & A (45 min) Lonnie & Ben

Saturday, August 31 (Westminster Park)


Session 3 (45 min)


(Burgers & Dogs; Pelicans Snow Cones)12:30 -1:30

Family Games, Photo Booth

Session 4 (30 min) Ben Hayes

Session 5 (30 min) Lonnie Jones


Sunday, September 1

Adult Bible Class: Lonnie Jones

Combined Middle /High School Class: Ben Hayes


Session 6 (15 min) Ben Hayes

Session 7 (15 min) Lonnie Jones

Family Events

The Hatfield’s Are At PTP

The Hatfield’s are at Polishing The Pulpit this week. We look forward to them being back with us next week. Robert Hatfield: goldhillrobert@gmail.com 803-526-7478. Continue to pray for a smooth transition for them and that their home will sell quickly. Their current address is 5460 Altamaha Drive, North Charleston, SC 29420.

Food Pantry

For the month of August we are collecting  Oatmeal & Macaroni. Please see William Ireland if you have any questions.

“The Pearl” Service

We conduct a service each Sunday afternoon at 1:00 pm at The Pearl of Fort Mill memory care facility next door. 8.11 William Ireland, 8.18 Gilbert Shelton, 8.25 Tommie Washington, 9.1 Mark Walker.

Ladies Fall Quarter Bible Study

The fall quarter ladies Bible study begins Wednesday, September 4th, in the downstairs glass classroom. Our study will be “The Fragrance of Faith, Discovering the Aroma of Christ through the Beatitudes”. See Rhunette Franklin w/ questions.

Nursery Attendants

The current nursery attendants list is on the bulletin board, if you would like to add or delete your name please do so. Also if you are attending the Indian Land congregation please indicate this by putting IL next to your name. If you have any questions please see Barry VanHamme.

Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Class

Ladies, on Tuesday mornings, you are welcome to join us  beginning September 10 @ 10:00 am the Ladies Bible Class season will begin! We are so excited about our upcoming study from the book, It’s a Red-Letter Day, “How the words of Jesus impact the hearts of women today.” A sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board. We look forward to growing in the Lord together – one day at a time!   If you need more information, please see Mary Carter.

Southeastern Children’s Home Change Cans

It is time for the annual change can campaign for the Southeastern Children’s Home. Cans are available in the foyer.

Save The Date  Ladies Retreat

Ladies mark your calendars and plan to attend our ladies retreat  at Litchfield Beach

Resort, October 11-13, 2019 . Cost is $80 per person. Details to come soon!

Indian Land

Check out the new web page: indianlandcoc.org


Area Events

8.24 Ladies Day/ Kingsbury Rd COC

9.28 Youth Day/ Highland Acres/ Statesville


Youth Events

Stay In The Loop/ Remind App

Parents and young people, make sure you have the remind app downloaded to your phones to stay connected to all of our youth events and details.





* Harold Weston is having difficulty with one of his hips and is affecting his ability to walk. Please pray also for Sharon as she cares for him.

* Mary Carter had an MRI this past week  for spinal issues but has been cleared for her upcoming trip to Kenya.

* Lou Johnson was hospitalized overnight due to a blood clot but is being treated from home.

* Bonnie Hunter wishes to thank all for the prayers etc.…

* Dave & Cris Newell have been unable to get out for services; Cris’ medication is being adjusted.

* Prayers for Tim Bannister & Sandy Ibbetson  to continue doing well.

* Dave Beels’ father, Bill is in ICU after falling and suffering a brain injury.

* Derrick Williamson’s father, Denzel will begin chemo treatments this week.

* The mothers’ of Barb Arbaugh, Rodney Grant, April Greene, Linda Hill, Shontrell Overton,  Jim Passmore, Len Patterson, Ron Shepherd, and Mark Walker, are all dealing with various health issues.

* The fathers’ of Jerry Brooks, and Greg Gross are dealing with various health issues.

* Michelle Hicks’ brothers Leroy and Keith Hicks need prayers as they go through some issues.

* PJ Inness’ sister-in –law, Kathy Stevens is waiting for complete pathology to determine her future treatment plan.

* Charles & Ginger Taylor’s granddaughter Kristin Ginsberg has suffered a severe concussion.

* Bert Schick’s daughter Mylisa Binnell is experiencing a ‘shut-down’ of the left side of her body.

* Sandra Murray’s brother, Tom Ratliff had a stroke and will have 3 surgeries in the next 5 weeks.

* Cheryl Ford’s Uncle, Grover Fincher has been diagnosed with cancer.

* Wayne Cherry’s nephew, Tony Harris has been diagnosed with non-alcoholic Cirrhosis.

* Charles Taylor’s co-worker, Helene Ward has begun chemo for cancer found in her lymph nodes.

* Mark & PJ Inness’ neighbor  update* Linden’s recent test results were encouraging.

* Tim Mastenbrook says the state department’s decision on Madam Beljour’s US visit for heart surgery should be made next week. Please pray for a good answer.

* The father of Ed McClellan’s two nephews and niece, Charles Fredricks passed away last week. Ed requests prayers for the family.

* Remember our shut-ins: Gloria Girard, Ruby Lett, and Lois Viera.


Sermons & Classes


Preaching Today:


Steve Miller

“The Demonstration of Obedience”


Steve Miller

“Two Men Lived, Two Men Died”



Summer Quarter Classes (June 2)

Sunday Adult Auditorium:

Chad Garrett

      “13 Incredible Prophecies”

Adult Downstairs:

Steve Miller

“Consider One Another”



Summer Quarter Classes (June 5)

Wednesday Adult Auditorium:

Summer Series

  8.21 Jason Harvey

  “Serving In A Secular World”

8.28  Josh Buchanan

Two Leadership Lessons From Jesus”