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Basic Bible Information

God’s will for mankind, including the scheme of redemption, the Divine pattern for worship, work, lifestyle, attitude, purpose, mission, and everything else we need to know in order to be pleasing to God is found in the book we call the Bible.

The English word “Bible” is derived from the Greek word biblion, which means a scroll, little book. Biblion is derived from bibles, which means (1) the inner bark of the papyrus plant, a kind of reed which grew in warm countries, especially in Egypt, and from which the ancients made writing material. From this, biblos came to mean (2) any book whose leaves were made from this bark. Thence it came to mean (3) a book, regardless of its material. “Biblos” is the first word in the Greek New Testament (Matt. 1 :1). Near the end of the 4th century or the beginning of the 5th (around 400 A. D.), Jerome, the eminent church Father and translator, called the Bible “the Divine Library” (Bibliotheca Divina). About the same time the Greek Christian writers began to call it “The Books” (ta biblia), above all other books, the plural indicating a series of records of divine revelation. Later, in the 13th century, this neuter plural became changed into a feminine singular (biblos), agreeing with the conception that the Bible is one utterance from God. Thus it came to be known as ”The Book” of books, As such, the word passed into the modern languages of Europe, and we have the Anglicized Greek word, the Bible, the preeminent Book (General Biblical Introduction: From God to Us, H. S. Miller, 6)

Bible divisions. The Bible consists of sixty-six books; thirty-nine in the Old Testament, and twenty-seven in the New Testament. Its purpose: The glory of God and the salvation of man, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Its theme: The Coming of Christ. The Old Testament Message: Christ is coming. The New Testament Message:  Christ has come, and will come again.

Why is part of the Bible designated as “old” and the other part as “new”? The Old Covenant served its purpose and was fulfilled (Hebrews 8:6-7). The new and living way is better than the Old Covenant (Hebrews 9:15-17). The death of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary had to occur in order to bring about the better covenant which we are under today. (Galatians 2:19; 3:16, 29; Ephesians 2:15-16; Colossians 2:14)

The Bible embraces three dispensations. The Bible covers three dispensations. 1. Patriarchy embracing the events from the Creation to the giving of the Mosaic law. 2. Judaism embracing the events from the giving of the law to Pentecost of Acts 2. 3. Christianity embracing the events and time from Pentecost to the future Judgment.

The Bible is inspired of God. The Bible is from God. The Bible itself bears record that it is from God (2 Timothy 3:16-17). The Sixty-six books we know as the word of God are in complete agreement with each other. As Paul revealed to Timothy how the message they preached was inspired of God, likewise Peter reveals that the message of God was given through chosen men (2 Peter 1:20-21).

Languages. The Old Testament was written primarily in Hebrew, with parts being written in Aramaic. The New Testament was written in Koine (common language) Greek.

The Bible is from god to man. “The Bible, or the Old and New Testaments, in Hebrew and Greek, contains a full and perfect revelation of God and his will, adapted to man as he now is. It speaks of man as he was, and also as he will hereafter be; but it dwells on man as he is, and as he ought to be, as its peculiar and appropriate theme. It is not, then a treatise on man as he was, nor on man as he will be; but on man as he is, and as he ought to be; not as he is physically, astronomically, geologically, politically, or metaphysically; but as he is and ought to be, morally and religiously” (The Christian System. Alexander Campbell, p. 3).


Events & Announcements


The Elders will be doing the Sunday Announcements, rotating duties each month.

Autumn Leaves Worship Service

We conduct a service each Sunday afternoon at 1:00 pm at the Autumn Leaves memory care facility next door. See Mark Walker with questions.

Food Pantry

For the month of March we are collecting peanut butter & jelly. Please see William Ireland if you have any questions.

New Members

Mike & Shauna Manus and their three children, Michael, Kellan, and Ava have placed membership with us. Their address is: 8927 Darcy Hopkins Drive, Charlotte, NC 28277; 702.769.6376

Wednesday Evening Fellowship Dinner

Our Wednesday evening fellowship dinner is this Wednesday, March 27, from 6:00 –6:50 pm. Fried chicken is on the menu. Join us for a meal and fellowship followed by our midweek Bible study.

New Horizons Bible Study

Wednesday’s at 12:00 pm there is a Bible study here at the building for all of those in the New horizons Care Group.  This will be an ongoing Bible Study at 12:00 for the foreseeable future.  Anyone is welcome, but is especially designed for our seniors who may have challenges getting out at night.  See Keith Franklin with questions.

Save The Date Couples Shower

There will be a couples wedding shower honoring Ethan Washington and Leila Matheny on Saturday, March 30th, 10:30 am—12:00 pm at GHR in the teen room. They are registered at Zola, Amazon, and Target.

Identity Matters Seminar Save The Date

Save the date for a seminar on Identity Matters, A Biblical View On Who We Are” to be held here at GHR May 4th & 5th. A complete schedule is on the bulletin board. A sign up will be posted soon. This is a church wide event. Lunch will be provided on Saturday.

Love Where You Live Save The Date

Love Where you Live week is scheduled for the week of June 10 – 14. See Shawna Harvey with questions.

New Horizons Trip

The New Horizons Group is planning a trip to the Creation Museum & The Ark Encounter. Two trips are being offered. Please see the bulletin board and sign up sheets by April 20th.

Save The Date Morality Seminar

July 19-21 David Powell will be with us for a seminar titled: “Morality In An Age Of Corruption”.

Save The Date Family Legacy Weekend

Save the date for an exciting weekend with speakers Lonnie Jones & Ben Hayes, August 30, – September 1. Saturday a picnic/devo filled family day is planned. Watch for details soon. Mark your calendars NOW!


Area Events

3.29 Area Singing/ University

3.30 Ladies Day/Augusta Rd/ Becky Honeycutt

4.13 Ladies Day/ Seneca /Sheila Butt

4.26 Area Singing/ Mountain Island

5.4-5 Identity Matters Seminar/ GHR

5.31 Area Singing / Lake Norman

Save The Date Youth Retreat

Youth Retreat planning is in the works! Save the date, May 24-26! Details to come soon.

Lads 2 Leaders  Meeting

L2L meeting next Sunday, March 31 after morning worship downstairs for all those families attending convention. We will be discussing hotel, food and more info for the weekend.

Lake Norman Youth Rally Sign Up

Saturday April 6th we will be taking a group up to the Lake Norman Youth Rally. Sign up sheet is on the bulletin board.

Lads 2 Leaders Puppet Practice

Lads to Leaders Puppet practice Sunday’s for all kids at 5 pm.  We will meet in the large classroom downstairs. See Liz Knight with questions.



* Tim Bannister is able to be out limited to worship times.

* Prayers for Sandy Ibbetson  to continue doing well.

* Kristi Gross’ mother had recent knee replacement surgery.

* The mother’s of Barb Arbaugh, Rodney Grant, Jim Passmore, Len Patterson, Ron Shepherd, and Mark Walker, are all dealing with various health issues.

* The father’s of Jerry Brooks, Greg Gross, and William Ireland, are all dealing with various health issues.

* Linda Hill’s parents are  having some health challenges.

* Barry & Sandra Murray’s daughter, Shelli Murray who is home following a recent stroke.

* Paula Baker’s friend, Robin Warner has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

* Ron Shepherd’s friend, Keith Freshcorn is hospitalized with an extremely low platelet count.

* Friend and neighbor to Kurt & Mary Ann Marine (Bill) has had a return of his cancer.

* Tim Mastenbrook requests prayers for one of Haiti’s preachers school graduates wife; Madam Bejour who is in need of heart surgery.

* Remember our shut-ins: Gloria Girard, Ruby Lett, and Lois Viera.


Sermons and Classes

Preaching Today:            


Mark Inness

“The Face Of Jesus”


Keith Franklin

“The Power Of Just The Word”



Spring Quarter Classes (March 3)


Sunday Adult Auditorium:

Brett Pharr


Adult Downstairs:

Gilbert Shelton & Jeff Willis

“The Domino Effect”



Spring Quarter Classes (March 6)


Wednesday Adult Auditorium:

Mark Inness


Adult Downstairs:

Steve Miller

“Letters to Timothy & Titus”