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Summer Quarter Classes


SundayBegins June 2

Cradle Roll Leila Washington

One’s Lacey Guy

Two’s & Three’ Melody & Elizabeth Bramlet

Four’s Amy Jopson & Jessie Bannister

5’s & K’s Tammy Theado

1st & 2nd Lori Becker & Liz Knight

3rd & 4th Bentley Janes & Asa Jopson

5th & 6th Ron Shepherd & Rudolph Bishop

Middle School Alan Jopson & William Ireland

High School Aaron Knight & Matt Guy

College Eric Bitting

Adult Auditorium Chad Garrett “13 Incredible Prophecies”

Prophecies such as messianic (pertaining to Christ), the coming of John the Baptist, apostasy, the destruction of the Temple, and others will be studied from Old Testament predictions to New Testament fulfillment.

Adult Downstairs Steve Miller “Consider One Another”

Join us as we study what can inspire twenty-first-century Christians to reclaim some of the simplest, yet most profound, teachings of our Lord: mindfulness, consideration, and courtesy.

Wednesday Begins June 5

Cradle Roll April Greene

One’s Kelly & Evalie Janes

Two’s & Three’s Haley Cox & Young Ladies

Four’s Amy & Ava Jopson

5’s & K’s Sue Shepherd

1st & 2nd Lori Becker & Dian Lieck

3rd & 4th Grant Alumbaugh & Asa Jopson

5th & 6th Ron Shepherd & Ed McClellan

7th & 8th Alan Jopson & William Ireland

High School Clay Batts & Rod Greene

Adult Auditorium Summer Series “My Favorite Lesson Is”

6.5 Andrew Chaney “Biblical Numerology”

6.12 Matt Guy “Luke the Physician”

6.19 Jacob Nunn “Life of Samuel”

6.26 Mark Walker “Andrew, The Apostle of Small Things”


 Family Events

Love Where You Live Senior Luncheon

Love Where You Live participants cordially invite our senior citizens to the annual Senior Luncheon Friday, June 14 at 11:15 pm. Please sign up on the bulletin board by June 9th.

Moving Assistance

Janie Greene will be relocating to Texas, and needs assistance to move; June 1st at 8:00 am to place items in storage. See Rod or April.

Hatfield Contact Info

If you would like to contact Robert or Emily Hatfield, you may do so at his email address, goldhillrobert@gmail.com or on his cell, 803-526-7478.  Their current address is 5460 Altamaha Drive, North Charleston, SC 29420.

Food Pantry

For the month of May we are collecting cereal & oatmeal. Please see William Ireland if you have any questions.

Autumn Leaves Service

We conduct a service each Sunday afternoon at 1:00 pm at the Autumn Leaves memory care facility next door. See Mark Walker with questions.

New Horizons Bible Study

Wednesday’s at 12:00 pm there is an ongoing Bible study here at the building for all of those in the New Horizons Care Group.  Anyone is welcome.

Save The Date VBS

Vacation Bible School will be July 31, August 1st and 2nd! Details coming soon!

Veterans BBQ & Fellowship

Saturday, June 22nd at the home of Karen & Steve Shelton 3:00—6:30. (4112 Blaydes Court, Charlotte)  The purpose of this event is to build and strengthen our network of Christian veterans to offer support, fellowship, and edification.  It’s open to all veterans and family members from our congregation (and close friends who are veterans and may also benefit).  Please sign up in the foyer before Sunday, 6/16, and plan to bring a side dish, beverage, or a dessert.  Steve and Karen are available for questions.

Save The Date Morality Seminar

July 19-21 David Powell will be with us for a seminar titled: “Morality In An Age Of Corruption”.

“Family Legacy”  Weekend

Save the date for an exciting weekend with speakers Lonnie Jones & Ben Hayes, August 30, – September 1.

Saturday, August 31 we will have our congregational picnic at Westminster Park (Rock Hill),  a fun-filled family day is planned. We will have a cook out, bounce house, Pelican’s snow balls,  ultimate frisbee and Devos! Watch for details soon. Mark your calendars NOW!

Indian Land Service

The next Indian Land service will be June 23rd. Details soon.


Area Events

5.31 Area Singing / Lake Norman

6.7 Area Singing/ Charlotte Ave.

6.9-15 Carolina Lectures/ Sumter, SC


Youth Events

Spring Teen Sowers & Sing

MS/HS youth are invited to participate in a 6 week study about the Church & how to engage in conversations about the Church. We will meet Sunday evenings this Spring April 28 – June 9. Dinner and youth singing will follow each class.



* Cris Newell is having some very painful back issues.

* Roger Whytsell had a successful procedure and is feeling better.

* Prayers for Tim Bannister & Sandy Ibbetson  to continue doing well.

* The mother’s of Barb Arbaugh, Rodney Grant, Linda Hill, Jim Passmore, Len Patterson, Ron Shepherd, and Mark Walker, are all dealing with various health issues.

* The father’s of Jerry Brooks, and Greg Gross are dealing with various health issues.

* Cheryl Ford’s Uncle, Grover Fincher has been diagnosed with cancer.

* Wayne Cherry’s nephew, Tony Harris has been diagnosed with non-alcoholic Cirrhosis.

* Mark & PJ Inness’ neighbors, the Stillwell family as they explore treatment options for Linden.

* Leila Washington’s friends’ 12 year old nephew who has had pneumonia is now in rehab receiving breathing treatments.

* Sue Burkhammer’s co-worker’s 8 year old nephew who has cancer and is now looking at a prospective stem cell transplant.

* Friend and neighbor to Kurt & Mary Ann Marine (Bill) has had a return of his cancer.

* Former member, Somia Schell has been diagnosed with cancer.

* Tim Mastenbrook requests prayers for one of Haiti’s preachers school graduates wife; Madam Beljour. If you have American Airline miles you could donate to get Madam Beljour, here from Haiti for heart surgery, for her husband and an interpreter will you please let Tim Mastenbrook know.

* Don & Sheri Blackwell *Update Sheri is making improvement. Don has been receiving therapy and training daily at the Shepherd Center.

* Remember our shut-ins: Gloria Girard, Ruby Lett, and Lois Viera.


Sermons & Classes

Preaching Today:


Steve Miller

“Spiritual Blindness”


Singing Emphasis

Josh Buchanan will be leading our devotional.




Summer Quarter Classes (June 2)

Sunday Adult Auditorium:

Chad Garrett

      “13 Incredible Prophecies”

Adult Downstairs:

Steve Miller

“Consider One Another”





Summer Quarter Classes (June 5)

Wednesday Adult Auditorium:

Summer Series

“My Favorite Lesson Is…”

6.5 Andrew Chaney

“Biblical Numerology”

6.12 Matt Guy

“Luke The Physician”

6.19 Jacob Nunn

“Life of Samuel”