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Leaving A Legacy

Change is a constant, and must be regarded as inevitable in our world.  Change can be positive or negative, depending upon our view of the situation.  We impact and affect one another’s lives in different ways and different times and grow accustomed to the relationship and its steadiness in our lives.

Brett and Nancy Pharr have been a stable and enduring fabric of this congregation from its beginning.

The word quintessential comes to mind when I think of Brett. It is a true blessing to serve under an Elder in the ministry of Brett’s quality and capability. He surpasses most preachers in Bible knowledge which translates into teaching an engaging Bible Class, preaching thought provoking, motivating sermons and writing as he has opportunity. His wisdom, action, and demeanor in sensitive or controversial matters has been exceptional. Personally to me, his understanding of the preacher and his role and everything that comes with that has been especially appreciated, as he is the son of a gospel preacher and is from a family producing several preachers and leaders in the church. Time would fail us to talk about his insights into business, career advice and navigating life in general.

Brett has served as Past Chair and current Trustee Board Member at Freed-Hardeman University, which both he and Nancy are alumni and continue to support the school in many ways.

The word compassion comes to mind when I think of Nancy. She loves the people of Haiti and at GHR, her name (and Brett’s) are synonymous with the mission work there in its many facets.  Collecting clothes and making yearly trips have helped untold numbers of Haitian’s in their needs.  Serving as an Elder’s wife, Nancy takes hospitality seriously.  She has an army of young people who have grown up having been through her Bible Boot Camp.

Service to the members: Greet Prisca and Aquila, my fellow workers in Christ Jesus (Romans 16:3).  These two associates of the Apostle Paul were open to obey the truth and then serving the Lord with all their might. Read the passages on Aquila and  Priscilla and note their selfless service to the body of Christ (Acts 18:1-3; 18-19; 24-26; Romans 16:3-5; 1 Corinthians 16:19; 2 Timothy 4:19). Those who know Brett and Nancy can appreciate the mirroring of the two souls mentioned by Paul in their making a great team, being willing to share their time, faith, money, home, and in the work of the Lord.

Dedication to Christ and His Church: Covering many bases, the Pharr’s shine in their high regard for Jesus and His body, the church. Their unselfish life and work is a testament to all of how important Christ and the church need to be in our lives.

Example: Their ability to move freely in all classes of society and at the same time  make everyone feel at ease. Throughout the brotherhood, brothers and sisters in Christ speak highly of Brett and Nancy and esteem them greatly. Their generosity extends deep into untold lives, situations, institutions, and missions.

The words legacy and quality illuminate the mark they are leaving behind. In all their endeavors, they raise the quality bar high and in the process of their Christian example in all things are leaving a legacy to be followed which inspires us in our walk with God. This good reputation has occurred through deliberate work on their part and obedience to the Lord’s commands.

They are moving to Tennessee and will bless a congregation there with their membership as well as the region with their work and influence. We will miss their being members here, and there will certainly be a large void in the work here.  May God bless their lives and their transition in this next phase of their lives.



Steve Miller


Family Events

Food Drive

Help us make our 5000 lb. goal! We are currently at 1227 lbs. of food in the pantry. Items that we are in need of for the food drive are as follows: Corn, Sweet Peas, Mixed Vegetables, Dry Beans, Pineapples, Peaches, Pears, Apple Sauce, Cranberry Sauce, Pumpkin, Sweet Potatoes, Pasta Sauce, Broth, Rice, Potatoes, Oatmeal, Soup, Peanut Butter, Jelly, Fruit Cocktail, Chili, Green Beans, Carrots, Ravioli. See William Ireland with any questions. Food Drive will be November 16!

New Horizons Senior Bible Study

The New Horizons Bible Study is here at the building Wednesday’s at 12:00 pm. Anyone is welcome to attend. See Keith Franklin with questions.

“The Pearl” Service

We conduct a service each Sunday afternoon at 1:00 pm at The Pearl of Fort Mill memory care facility next door.

Phone Tree/ One Call Now Program

If you wish to receive church updates via email and phone calls, please submit your updated emails or phone number to the office. We have no way of knowing you have changed phone numbers or email addresses unless you notify us!

Brett & Nancy Pharr Potluck Today

We will have a potluck luncheon honoring Brett & Nancy Pharr following morning services. We are thankful for the years of service they have dedicated to GHR.

SECH Christmas

SECH Christmas Collection begins today in the lobby.  All Christmas gifts are due by December 3.  Please put the gifts in the bin beside the men’s restroom. See Renee Miller with questions.

Women’s Monthly Prayer Meeting Today

Join us at the women’s monthly prayer meeting this coming Sunday, November, 3rd in the Women’s Connection Room. We will organize prayer requests from 5:00-5:20 pm and pray from 5:20-5:50 pm.  If you  have a prayer request, please email your request to Sue Burkhammer before 4:00 Sunday afternoon.

3rd Annual Veterans Day Breakfast

Sign-up rosters are on the bulletin board, for both veterans and volunteers. Set-up event (dinner provided); Friday 11/08 at 6pm. The Veterans Day Breakfast is Saturday 11/09 from 8:30—10:00 am. (All events at the building).



Area Events

See the bulletin board for event details

11.15-17 Youth Rally/Boiling Springs/Joe Wells


Youth Events

Sword Swallowers

Sword Swallowers class for 4th – 6th graders during evening services.

Girls Middle/ High School Bible Study

There will be a Middle / High School Girls Bible Study will be here at the building on Sundays, at 5pm. Please come join us, any questions, see Haley Cox.



* Les Cole, Gil Lawrence, Doris Leggitt & Shirley Jeffers are all recovering from recent procedures.

* Harold Weston is having difficulty with one of his hips and is affecting his ability to walk. Please pray also for Sharon as she cares for him.

* Joe Manning  was to have completed this round of radiation treatments this past week.

* Continue to pray for both Dave & Cris Newell.

* The mothers’ of Barb Arbaugh, Rodney Grant, April Greene, Kelly Janes, Shontrell Overton,  Jim Passmore, Len Patterson, Ron Shepherd, Mark Walker, Chloe Walker, and Margaret Wallace are all dealing with various health issues.

* The fathers’ of  Dave Beels, Jerry Brooks, Greg Gross, and Derrick Williamson are dealing with various health issues.

* PJ Inness’ sister-in –law, Kathy Stevens is continuing her treatments.

* Barry & Sandra Murray’s  granddaughter, Julia, has developed a heart condition and will have to have an EKG every Wednesday.

* Charles Taylor’s co-worker, Helene Ward’s cancer has spread to her bones.

* Mark & PJ Inness’ neighbor  update* Linden’s  latest scan show that another tumor has developed. They are traveling to Duke in hope of another opinion, but are feeling discouraged.

* Mark & Chloe Walker’s close friend, Dan Martin passed away, prayers for his wife Elaine and family.

* Tim Mastenbrook reports: Madam Beljour continues to recover from her recent heart surgery.

* Friend/neighbor to several of our members in Sun City, Sue Rogers has been diagnosed with stage four cancer.

* Remember our shut-ins: Gloria Girard, Ruby Lett, and Lois Viera.



Sermons & Classes

Preaching Today:


Brett Pharr


Robert Hatfield

“The Man Who Walked With God”



Fall Quarter Classes (September 1)

Sunday Adult Auditorium:

Robert Hatfield

“Philippians ”



Fall Quarter Classes (September 4)

Wednesday Adult Auditorium:

Mark Inness, Steve Miller,

Jim Passmore, Gilbert Shelton

Peter, From Disciple to Apostle

     Wednesday Adult Downstairs

Ladies Only Class

“Fragrance of Faith”

(various teachers)