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April 1, 2018

Jesus, A Man Largely Forgotten

  1. When sermon suggestions are requested, JESUS is almost never mentioned!
    2. When Bible class topics are sought, JESUS is almost never mentioned!
    3. When favorite Bible books are asked for, THE FOUR JESUS BOOKS are almost never mentioned!
    4. When ones favorite Bible character is requested, JESUS is almost never mentioned!
    5. When a Bible event one would most like to witness is sought, a JESUS moment is almost never selected!
    6. When the most needed teaching for our time is requested, teachings about JESUS are almost never mentioned!
    7. When the church’s greatest need is inquired about, JESUS is almost never mentioned!
    8. When doctrinal departures are discussed, ignorance of JESUS is almost never mentioned!
    9. When discipleship is discussed, JESUS and CHRIST-LIKENESS are almost never mentioned!
    10. Though John 14:15, 23 gives Jesus’ key to obedience, the love of JESUS is almost never mentioned in discussions about obedience!
    11. Though JESUS gives John 13:34-35 and John 17:21-23 as His identifying marks of His church, sermons on the identity of His church almost never list JESUS’ identifiers!
    12. When patterns are discussed, the pattern of JESUS’ life as our model is almost never mentioned!



“…but if we walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin.”


Edwin Jones



AM 413
PM 218


Weekly Budget:


Mike Collins
Mark Walker

Jamie Ridenour

Digital Ministry
Aaron Knight

William Ireland
Bob Mantie

Hampton Hager
Rocky Thompson

Gilbert Shelton
Tommie Washington

Marty Rosener

Josh Buchanan
Sandy Cherry
Chuck Dohm
Greg Gross

Matt Ibbetson

Jake Hunter
Justin Powell
Barry VanHamme

Clay Batts
Brian Coats
Eric Bitting
Eric Haskin

Family News

Renovation Project

Prior to the scheduled renovations with the contractors; after the evening service on April 1st we ask those in attendance to help remove the song books, Bibles, cards and pencils from the pews. Some volunteers are also required to stay and help unfasten the pews from the floor brackets. Please see Jamie Ridenour if you want to help removing the brackets.

Renovations for the auditorium and lobby will begin Monday, April 2nd and is estimated to continue until April 15th.

Since the work schedule will have the auditorium and upstairs classrooms closed for Sunday April 8th we are encouraging the membership to worship with other congregations in the area.

  • Indian Land will hold both morning and evening services at Indian Land High School and can accommodate ~200 people.
  • Clover and Charlotte Ave. congregations are also willing to host.
  • We will have a worship service at our regularly scheduled time of 10:30 am downstairs for those unable to attend elsewhere. There will be no Bible classes.

Wednesday evening Bible classes will also be impacted both weeks, (4/4 and 4/11).  All teen and adult classes will be combined and meet in the fellowship area downstairs.  Arrangements for the other age groups are being made and will be announced soon.

Lads To Leaders

Around 80 of our adults and young people are attending the Lads To Leaders Convention in Nashville, TN this morning and will be traveling home later today. We look forward to hearing of their accomplishments and are thankful for the hours of study and effort that have gone into making this event possible.

Hollandsworth Baby Shower

A baby shower honoring Erin Hollandsworth will take place in the teen room on April 22 at 4:30 pm. to celebrate the upcoming birth of their baby boy, due May 10. Erin is registered at Buy Buy Baby and Amazon.

Kenya Trip

Chad returned safely form Kenya this past Tuesday.

Love Where You Live Service Projects

Do you have a service project that you need help with? Love Where You Live Participants would like to donate their time and efforts to help you assemble, package, label, etc your projects. We will have 40+ youth ranging from kindergarten to 12thgrade who will be participating in a week of service in June. You bring the materials, we’ll be the muscle. See Heather Powell or Shawna Harvey if you have a need or idea.

We are also looking for yard work opportunities to help members/ friends/ neighbors with mowing, pulling weeds, laying pine straw, etc. We helped a few families last year and would like many more this year during the week of June 11th, specific day TBD.

74th Annual Carolina Lectureship

This will take place at the Highland Acres Congregation in Statesville, NC from Sunday April 8th—Thursday April 12th. The theme is: Back to the Bible in a Progressive World. More information on the bulletin board.

Women’s Health & Wellness Day Save The Date

Ladies, please save the date for a Women’s Health & Wellness Day here at Gold Hill Road on Saturday, June 30th. Look for a flyer and sign up sheet in the coming months.

Women’s Conference Save The Date

Sheila Butt will be our speaker for our 2018 Women’s Conference to be held here at GHR September 7th and 8th. Our Theme for this event is: “Unwavering” Hebrews 10:23. More details to come soon!

Save The Date Teaching Rocket Seminar

Save the date for Sunday, October 7th for a teacher’s seminar with Michael Whitworth. If you would like to attend please reply to:  goldhillstevem@gmail.com so we can make a count for lunch.

Birthday Card Shower

Linda Hill’s father, Don Miller, will celebrate his 90th birthday on Tuesday, April 3.  Linda is requesting that any of you who want to participate to please mail her Dad a birthday card so he will receive a “shower” of cards on his special day.  His address is posted on the bulletin board.

Autumn Leaves Worship Service

We will be conducting a worship service each Sunday afternoon at 1:00 pm at the Autumn Leaves memory care facility next door. See Mark Walker with questions.



  • Sandy Ibbetson Sandy will be receiving treatments for 6-8 weeks. Sandy will have several family members with her. Matt & kids will return soon.
  • Garry Burkhammer will have heart valve surgery soon.
  • Virginia Williams has requested prayers for some health concerns.
  • Mike Ford had surgery to repair a detached retina and is recovering.
  • Jordan Patterson has not been feeling well. Dr.’s have determined that it is not cancer, but are working to find a solution.
  • Marvin Redd has been diagnosed with tumors on his kidney. Treatment and next steps are yet to be determined.
  • Gilbert Shelton will have surgery April 25th.
  • Walt & Marge Hamilton have both been sick recently.
  • Rachel Cherry is now better, but was hospitalized with an allergic reaction in Nashville.
  • Reagan Hunter is making good progress in her rehabilitation.
  • Delmy Canales continues therapy following her concussion.
  • Al Woods has been having some tests recently.
  • Bob Epps will receive some treatment in a few months.
  • The mother’s of Rodney Grant, Linda Hill, Alan Jopson, Aaron & Liz Knight, Len Patterson, Mark Walker, and Kay Woods are all dealing with various health issues.
  • Jim Passmore’s mother had hip replacement surgery.
  • Barb Arbaugh’s mother is now under Hospice care in Michigan.

Please remember our Shut-Ins in your daily prayers:

Gloria Girard, Jimmie Greene, Ruby Lett and Lois Viera.

  • Brett Pharr’s father, Claude was diagnosed with Leukemia, he is now undergoing a 6 week inpatient aggressive chemo treatment in Winston, Salem.
  • Dave Beels’ father had successful heart valve replacement surgery and is now recovering at home.
  • Anthony Overton’s father had a pacemaker installed on the 28th in Michigan.
  • The father’s of Jerry Brooks, Greg Gross,  Amy Jopson, Linda Hill, Jake Hunter, Jim Passmore, and Debbie Thompson are all dealing with various health issues.
  • Gloria Girard’s brother-in-law Jerry Skeean is having some serious health issues and will have surgery on April 3
  • Linda Hill’s daughter Jennifer will receive IV antibiotics for 4-6 weeks.
  • Tim Bannister & Vicki Davis brother, Randy has experienced a reoccurrence of his cancer. Treatment is being discussed.
  • Becky Willis’ sister, Betty Epting has had to discontinue her chemo due to complications from additional health issues.
  • Rocky & Debbie Thompson’s middle son’s mother-in-law, Beth Champion is experiencing heart problems.
  • Kent Gallagher, professor of Rachel Cherry has been diagnosed with cancer.
  • Sandra Pena, wife to one of the contractors on our building has been diagnosed with lung cancer.
  • Former member Jim Hood has finished his chemo and will have follow up scans in April.

Sermons & Classes

                                                    Sunday Spring Quarter Classes (March 4)                                                         

Sunday Adult Auditorium:

My Responsibilities As A Member: Deacons

Adult Downstairs:

Respectable Sins; Steve Miller *Begins March 11

Library & WC Room Ladies Class:

Women Of Action: Various Teachers

Wednesday Spring Quarter Classes (March 7)

Wednesday Adult Auditorium:

Galatians Part 2;  Jeff Trotter

Library & WC Room Ladies Class:

Women Of Action: Various Teachers


This morning Brett Pharr will be preaching, and tonight, Keith Franklin. The Miller’s and the Trotter’s are attending the Lads To Leaders Convention in Nashville.


Schedule of Services

Sunday Bible School
9:30 am – 10:15 am
Sunday Morning Worship
10:30 am
Sunday Evening Worship
6:00 pm
Wednesday Bible Study
7:00 pm

Care Groups

1: Singles / Couples w/out children
Leader: Grant Alumbaugh & Andrew Chaney

2: Families w/ infants – Pre K
Leader: Jason Harvey & Clay Batts

3: Families w/ children K – 5th grade
Leader: Hampton Hager

4: Families w/ children 6th – 12th grade
Leader: William Ireland

5: Empty Nesters
Leader: Jerry Brooks

6: Seniors

GHR Website:

LEAD Institute Website:

Women’s Connection:

Password: church / Recipient last name

Today (4/1)

Scripture: Joseph Waddell
Preside Table: Jamie Ridenour

1 Assist: Tim Bannister
2 Assist: Jack Barry
3 Assist: Daniel Beels
4 Assist: Rudolph Bishop
5 Assist: Cole Bitting
6 Assist: Cale Bradley
7 Assist: Brian Buchanan
8 Assist: Andrew Chaney
9 Assist: Paul Chesney
10 Assist: Roger Craig
11 Assist: Paul Folger
12 Assist: Tim Fuqua
13 Assist: Barry George

Opening Prayer: Chuck Dohm
Closing Prayer: Alexander Bannister
Usher: Mike Ford & Steve Loiselle
Greeters Up: R & R Bishop
Greeters Down: D & M Stallings
Nursery: Robin Bitting
Angela Buchanan
A/V: Sandy Cherry

Sunday Night
Singing: Tod Grizzell
Scripture: Greg Gross
Opening Prayer: Hampton Hager
Closing Prayer: Hampton Hager
Lord’s Supper: Walt Hamilton
Nursery: Shawna Harvey

Closing Prayer: Nick Haney
Comm. Prep.: Bramlet
Pickup Cups: Kindergartners

Next Week (4/8)

Scripture: Cole Bitting
Preside Table: Greg Gross

1 Assist: Mike Goodnight
2 Assist: Rod Greene
3 Assist: Connor Gross
4 Assist: Derek Guotana
5 Assist: Hampton Hager
6 Assist: Walt Hamilton
7 Assist: Nick Haney
8 Assist: Jason Harvey
9 Assist: Eric Haskin
10 Assist: DJ Taylor
11 Assist: Chris Hollandsworth
12 Assist: Ross Hysmith
13Assist: Bentley Janes

Opening Prayer: Alan Jopson
Closing Prayer: Mark Inness
Usher: John Wade & Brian Moss
Greeters Up: S & J Nunn
Greeters Down: Gil Lawrence
Singing: William Ireland
Nursery: Ron Shepherd & Sue Shepherd
A/V: Tod Grizzell

Sunday Night
Singing: Bryan Kite
Scripture: Aaron Knight
Opening Prayer: Eric Haskin
Closing Prayer: Roy Jeffers
Lord’s Supper: Joe Manning
Nursery: Leila Washington

Singing: Sahwn Slauson
Closing Prayer: Steve Loiselle
Comm. Prep.: Bramlet
Pickup Cups: Kindergartners


Lake Norman Youth Rally

Speaker: Ben Hayes. April 13—15; Details are on the bulletin board for this event. See Clay Batts or Eric Haskin with questions.

GHR Youth Retreat Save The Date

The GHR youth retreat will be May 4-6th at CBC; Will Myhan will be our speaker. Make plans to attend now.