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May 13, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day

Who can find a Virtuous Woman?

For Her Price is Far Above Rubies.

Proverbs 31:10

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Family News

Wedding Shower

There will be a wedding shower honoring  Myranda Thomas, Kristopher Gross’ fiancé,  on May 20th. It will be from 4:00 till 5:30 at the home of Nancy Pharr. She is registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, and Belk.

  LEAD Save The Date

LEAD will take place July 19—22. Men take note, this is for YOU! Brochures are available in the lobby.

  Haiti Collection

The collection bins for Haiti collections have been moved to the area across from the Kindergarten room. PLEASE look at the list of needs before donating. Lists are supplied. There has been an abundance of things donated that are not needed. Thanks, Nancy Pharr.

  Health & Wellness Day Save The Date

A flyer has been posted on the bulletin board for the upcoming Ladies Health & Wellness Day, Saturday, June 30th. Please look for an accompanying sign up sheet with highlights of the day very soon!

SECH Service Project Opportunity

Saturday, May 26th (Time TBD) at Southeastern Children’s Home (SECH) Volunteers from GHR will be doing outdoor work, including mowing, trimming, weeding flower beds, and cutting back brush around the perimeter of fields and fence-lines. Bring along tools, trimmers, weed-eaters, gloves, etc. This is a bring-your-own-lunch activity. Water and cold beverages will be provided. Sign up on the bulletin board. See Josh Buchanan with questions.

Love Where You Live Sign Up

Calling all school age youth (K-12) and adult helpers for Love Where You Live Week Sign Ups! We will have a week of service during the week of June 11-15. Please note that this is morning/ afternoon each day. Please sign up on the bulletin board by May 20th.

Love Where You Live Service Projects

Do you have a service project that you need help with? Love Where You Live participants would like to donate their time and efforts to help you assemble, package, label, etc your projects. We will have 40+ youth ranging from kindergarten to 12th grade who will be participating in a week of service in June. You bring the materials, we’ll be the muscle.

Separate from the above request we are also looking for yard work opportunities to help members/ friends/ neighbors with mowing, pulling weeds, laying pine straw, etc. We helped a few families last year and would like many more this year on Thursday, June 14th. There is a sign up on the bulletin board. Please help us by allowing our youth the valuable opportunity of blessing others. See Heather Powell, Shawna Harvey, or Liz Knight if you have a need or idea.

Congregational Fellowship Events – Mark your calendar and plan to attend

Saturday, June 23: Congregational fellowship picnic (Harris St. Park, Fort Mill) 11:00 – 3:00 pm

Sunday, September 16:  Congregational fellowship/ Potluck lunch following morning service

Sunday, December 16:  Congregational fellowship/  Potluck lunch following morning service

Women’s Conference Save The Date

Sheila Butt will be our speaker for our 2018 Women’s Conference to be held here at GHR September 7th and 8th. Our Theme for this event is: “Unwavering” Hebrews 10:23. More details to come soon!

Save The Date Teaching Rocket Seminar

Save the date for Sunday, October 7th for a teacher’s seminar with Michael Whitworth. If you would like to attend please reply to:  goldhillstevem@gmail.com so we can make a count for lunch.

College Graduates

Shontrell Overton has completed a degree in business administration and will have graduated this weekend. Kristopher Gross is graduating from Clemson, and  Harrison Brooks graduated from the Citadel this past weekend. If you know of other college graduates please let the office know for mention in a future bulletin.

Autumn Leaves Worship Service

We will be conducting a worship service each Sunday afternoon at 1:00 pm at the Autumn Leaves memory care facility next door. See Mark Walker with questions.


  • Erin Hollandsworth is due to deliver at any time.
  • Sandy Ibbetson is undergoing her treatments. If you would like to send a card her address is on the bulletin board.
  • Tanya Leggitt continues in her lengthy recovery following her recent foot surgery.
  • Janie Greene will have surgery on the 23rd.
  • Marvin Redd will have surgery May 25th at Duke.
  • Bob Epps had a test done recently and is awaiting results.
  • Gilbert Shelton received news that the pathology results are clear and he is cancer free.
  • Sandra Murray continues to recover from her recent fall. Additionally, her 1st cousin, Steven Stanley is critically ill in the University of Michigan Hospital.
  • Jordan Patterson’s kidney seems to be functioning better. More tests are to be done.
  • Brian Lambert has had some symptoms that have returned and was consulting the Dr.
  • Garry Burkhammer is preparing for an upcoming appointment with his heart surgeon.
  • The mother’s of Barb Arbaugh, Rodney Grant, Linda Hill, Alan Jopson, Aaron & Liz Knight, Jim Passmore, Len Patterson, Mark Walker, and Kay Woods are all dealing with various health issues.

Please remember our Shut-Ins in your daily prayers:

Gloria Girard,  Jimmie Greene, Ruby Lett, and Lois Viera.

  • Brett Pharr’s father, Claude has begun a new round of treatments since his cancer is still not yet in remission.
  • Josh Buchanan’s father, Daniel Buchanan has had a cardiac/stroke episode. Dr.’s are determining how to treat.
  • The father’s of Dave Beels, Jerry Brooks, Greg Gross, Amy Jopson, Linda Hill, Jake Hunter, Anthony Overton, and Debbie Thompson are all dealing with various health issues.
  • Tim Bannister & Vicki Davis brother, Randy has experienced a reoccurrence of his cancer. Treatment is being discussed.
  • Charles & Ginger Taylor’s granddaughter, Kristin continues to have seizures. Dr.’s are trying a new medication.
  • Tim Mastenbrook has requested prayer on behalf of Lucner Pierre, one of the Haitian’s we support regularly. He has a large cyst that will require future surgery.

Sermons & Classes

Sunday Spring Quarter Classes

Sunday Adult Auditorium:

My Responsibilities As A Member: Deacons

Adult Downstairs:

Respectable Sins; Steve Miller

Library & WC Room Ladies Class:

Women Of Action: Various Teachers

Wednesday Spring Quarter Classes

Wednesday Adult Auditorium:

Galatians Part 2;  Jeff Trotter

Library & WC Room Ladies Class:

Women Of Action: Various Teachers

Schedule of Services

Sunday Bible School
9:30 am – 10:15 am
Sunday Morning Worship
10:30 am
Sunday Evening Worship
6:00 pm
Wednesday Bible Study
7:00 pm

Care Groups

1: Singles / Couples w/out children
Leader: Grant Alumbaugh & Andrew Chaney

2: Families w/ infants – Pre K
Leader: Jason Harvey & Clay Batts

3: Families w/ children K – 5th grade
Leader: Hampton Hager

4: Families w/ children 6th – 12th grade
Leader: William Ireland

5: Empty Nesters
Leader: Jerry Brooks

6: Seniors

GHR Website:

LEAD Institute Website:

Women’s Connection:

Password: church / Recipient last name

Today (5/13)

Scripture: Will Bramlet
Preside Table: Mike Collins

1 Assist: Rod Greene
2 Assist: Tod Grizzell
3 Assist: Greg Gross
4 Assist: Derek Guotana
5 Assist: Hampton Hager
6 Assist: Walt Hamilton
7 Assist: Jason Harvey
8 Assist: Eric Haskin
9 Assist: Chris Hollandsworth
10 Assist: Jake Hunter
11 Assist: Ross Hysmith
12 Assist: Mark Ibbetson
13 Assist: Bentley Janes

Opening Prayer: Tim Mastenbrook
Closing Prayer: Jack Berry
Usher: Barry VanHamme and Brian Moss
Greeters Up: E & P Wampler
Greeters Down: B Leggitt
Singing: William Ireland
Nursery: Jessie Bannister
Haley Cox
A/V: Alan Jopson

Sunday Night
Singing: Bryan Kite
Scripture: Drew Malone
Opening Prayer: Alex Franklin
Closing Prayer: Roy Jeffers
Lord’s Supper: Alan & Asa Jopson
Nursery: Linda Hill

Singing: Caleb VanHamme
Closing Prayer: Aaron Knight
Comm. Prep.: Slauson
Pickup Cups: 2nd Graders

Next Week (5/20)

Scripture: Asa Jopson
Preside Table: Matt Ibbetson

1 Assist: Rusty Kalenza
2 Assist: Bryan Kite
3 Assist: Aaron Knight
4 Assist: Royce Knox
5 Assist: Robert Langford
6 Assist: Gil Lawrence
7 Assist: Bill Leggitt
8 Assist: Steve Loiselle
9 Assist: Drew Malone
10 Assist: Bob Mantie
11 Assist: Kurt Marine
12 Assist: Tim Mastenbrook
13 Assist: Ed McClellan

Opening Prayer: Tim Mastenbrook
Closing Prayer: Jim Passmore
Usher: Jamie Ridenour and Eric Haskin
Greeters Up: R & R Bishop
Greeters Down: D & M Stallings
Singing: Brian Moss
Nursery: Shontrell Overton
Selah Taylor
A/V: Jake Hunter

Sunday Night
Singing: Tommie Washington
Scripture: Barry Murray
Opening Prayer: Ken McCullough
Closing Prayer: Andrew Chaney
Lord’s Supper: Ben O’Donovan
Nursery: Tracy VanHamme

Singing: Tommie Washington
Closing Prayer: Jacob Nunn
Comm. Prep.: Slauson
Pickup Cups: 2nd Graders


GHR Youth Retreat Save The Date

The GHR youth retreat will be May 4-6th at CBC; Will Myhan will be our speaker. Make plans to attend now.