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October 14, 2018

Jesus In Our Place

“For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God” (2 Corinthians 5:21).

Under the law system a person is treated with utter fairness; he gets exactly what he deserves. But the grace system is just the opposite. It is neither fair nor just; under grace a person gets the very opposite of what he deserves. The first half of the grace formula, of course, applies only to Jesus Christ, since he is the only one who will ever keep the commandments with sinless perfection. He “had no sin.” But at the same time he suffered the penalty; it was God’s plan for him “to be sin for us,” and in our place to suffer the divine wrath we deserve because of our sin. This was the exact opposite of what he deserved. This is what makes the second half of the grace formula possible, namely, the part that applies to us. Under the grace system we who have broken the commandments also receive the very opposite of what we deserve. Through our faith in Jesus “the righteousness of God”‐Jesus’ payment of the penalty for sin in our place—is counted as our own, enabling us to escape the penalty we deserve (Jack Cottrell, Romans, pp. 248‐249).

To function as our Savior, Jesus had to be sinless, perfect (Isaiah 53:9‐10). When man sinned (Romans 3:23), God’s holiness was offended (Matthew 13:41). Then God’s justice said that man must pay the penalty (Hebrews 10:28‐31). But God’s mercy triumphed over his justice (Ephesians 2:4).  God sent His Son, which demonstrated His love to man.

 “But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).   The motivation of our Creator for supplying the plan of salvation was love.  This love caused Jesus to be nailed to the cross for our sins.

“My precious Savior suffered pain and agony, He bore it all that I might live; He broke the bonds of sin and set the captive free…I stood condemned to die but Jesus took my place, He bore it all that I might live.”   

Steve Miller

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Family News

Receiving News & Updates

We have some exciting things coming up in the near future, and we want to be able to tell you about them as they happen. If you haven’t already, PLEASE join our email list today. It’s easy.  From your cell phone, just text the word “church” to 345345. We look forward to sharing all of the great news with you!

Autumn Leaves Worship Service

We conduct a worship service each Sunday afternoon at 1:00 pm at the Autumn Leaves memory care facility next door. See Mark Walker with questions.

Indian Land Service

Our next “Sunday night only” service is scheduled for October 21st at 6:00 pm.  It will be at the Black Horse Run Clubhouse. The address is 9400 Black Horse Run Road, Fort Mill, SC. Ben O’Donovan will be speaking.

Moving Help

Matt & Lacey Guy are moving locally and need help October 20th. See Matt with questions.

Wednesday Evening Fellowship Dinner 

We will have our next Wednesday evening fellowship dinner October 24th from 6:00 to 6:50 pm.  Tacos will be served.  Please join us for a meal and fellowship followed by our midweek bible study at 7:00.  Friends and family are encouraged to attend.

Trunk Or Treat Save The Date

Sunday October 28th after evening services. Details to come; see Eric & Amanda Haskin with questions.

Charlotte Family Housing Lunch & Fun Day

Saturday, October 27th 11:30—2:30. Please plan to drop-in for as long as you would like, Plaza Place Shelter; 2410 The Plaza, Charlotte. Lunch and games are provided. Sign-up rosters are on the bulletin board (deadline is Sunday, 10/21). Appropriate for all ages! https://charlottefamilyhousing.org  See Josh Buchanan with questions.

Lads 2  Leaders Kickoff

L2L Convention Kickoff  luncheon October 21st after AM worship. Please bring a side to share, BBQ and   desserts will be provided.

Annual Food Drive

Our Food Drive collection  begins today and will continue until November 10, 2018.

Distribution will be on Saturday November 17 from 9am till 11am. Below are some suggestions for foods we   need and thanks in advance for your support! There is a sign posted in the foyer where the food can be dropped off (same as previous years).

Suggested Items

Canned Vegetables and Canned Fruit

Canned Beans

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Pasta and Sauce

Mac and Cheese, Rice, Instant Oatmeal and Grits, Pop Tarts, Cereal

Canned Meats and/or Canned/Dinners — (Beef Stew, Ravioli, Soup, Tuna, etc.)

New Horizons Washington Trip

The new Horizons Washington DC Bible Museum trip is set for October 18th – 20th (Thursday -Saturday).  If there are any members that would care to sponsor someone please speak with Keith Franklin or Phyllis Wampler. We are looking forward to having a great time of fellowship.

Annual Veterans Day Breakfast

Veterans and their families are welcome to join us for a Veterans Day Breakfast on Saturday, 11/10 from 8:30-10:00am at the building.  Members of the community who are Veterans are also welcome.  We will spend time celebrating our service to our country and the Lord with prayers, devotional, good food, and fellowship.  Sign-up lists for both volunteers and participants are on the bulletin board.  The sign-up deadline is 10/31.


  • Tim Bannister continues his outpatient treatments for his Multiple Myeloma. Pray that not only will the treatments be successful, but that the side effects will decrease.
  • Garry Burkhammer’s surgery has been scheduled for October 30.
  • Ann DeJarnett is making regular progress at home following her surgery.
  • Paul Folger is now ready to begin therapy on his back.
  • Irene Miller continues to experience discomfort with her back.
  • Delmy Canales continues to recover from her surgery.
  • Sandy Ibbetson continues her chemotherapy.
  • Mary Ann Stallings continues to make steady progress following her surgery.
  • Ed McClellan’s uncle, Bob McClellan is currently hospitalized and had some surgery this past Thursday in Virginia.
  • The mother’s of Barb Arbaugh, Rodney Grant, Linda Hill, Alan Jopson, Jim Passmore, Len Patterson, Ron Shepherd, and Mark Walker, are all dealing with various health issues.

Please remember our Shut-Ins in your daily prayers:

Gloria Girard,  Jimmie Greene, Ruby Lett, and Lois Viera.

  • The father’s of Jerry Brooks, Greg Gross, Michelle Hicks, Linda Hill, Jake Hunter, William Ireland, and Anthony Overton, are all dealing with various health issues.
  • Marge Hamilton’s sister and niece are both experiencing some health problems: Belva Rowe fractured her back and Mary Beth Rowe is having general health problems.
  • Roger Craig’s sister, Trisha Hudson, has a non-treatable lung disease and asks for our prayers.
  • Barry & Sandra Murray’s granddaughter, Julia is undergoing tests for digestive issues.
  • Tim Mastenbrook requests our prayers for Fonrose Teogene, one of the Haitians we support regularly. He has recently been hospitalized and is being treated for a bacterial infection.

Sermons & Classes


Jeff is in a Gospel Meeting in Dubois, PA.  Steve is preaching this morning; tonight, Brett Pharr. 

Sunday Fall Quarter Classes (September 2)                                                   

Sunday Adult Auditorium:

Questions From the Bible/ Jeff Trotter

Adult Downstairs:

Young Adult Class/ Mark Inness, Brett Pharr

Seed Sowers/ Chad Garrett 

Wednesday Summer Quarter Classes  (September 5)

Wednesday Adult Auditorium:

Sayings Of Jesus/ Steve Miller

Adult Downstairs:

Prepared/ Ladies Class (various teachers)

Schedule of Services

Sunday Bible School
9:30 am – 10:15 am
Sunday Morning Worship
10:30 am
Sunday Evening Worship
6:00 pm
Wednesday Bible Study
7:00 pm

Care Groups

1: Singles / Couples w/out children
Leader: Grant Alumbaugh & Andrew Chaney

2: Families w/ infants – Pre K
Leader: Jason Harvey & Clay Batts

3: Families w/ children K – 5th grade
Leader: Hampton Hager

4: Families w/ children 6th – 12th grade
Leader: William Ireland

5: Empty Nesters
Leader: Jerry Brooks

6: Seniors

GHR Website:

LEAD Institute Website:

Women’s Connection:

Password: church / Recipient last name

Today (10/14)

Scripture: Ethan Haskin
Preside Table: Alan Jopson

1 Assist: Andrew Chaney
2 Assist: Wayne Cherry
3 Assist: Mike Collins
4 Assist: Roger Craig
5 Assist: Chuck Dohm
6 Assist: Kris Eddy
7 Assist: Mike Ford
8 Assist: Tim Fuqua
9 Assist: Wesley Fuqua
10 Assist: Barry George
11 Assist: Mike Goodnight
12 Assist: Rod Greene
13 Assist: Tod Grizzell

Opening Prayer: Clay Batts
Closing Prayer: Ed Wampler
Usher: Ed McClellan & Jerry Brooks
Greeters Up: E & P Wampler
Greeters Down: P & D Lieck
Singing: Keith Franklin
Nursery: Angie Bedford
Abby Bedford
A/V: Grant Alumbaugh

Sunday Night
Singing: Alex Franklin
Scripture: Marty Rosener
Opening Prayer: Eric Haskin
Closing Prayer: Barry Murray
Lord’s Supper: G & C Gross
Nursery: Angela Buchanan

Singing: Connor Gross
Closing Prayer: Hampton Hager
Comm. Prep.: Lawrence
Pickup Cups: 3rd Graders

Next Week (10/21)

Scripture: DJ Taylor
Preside Table: Aaron Knight

1 Assist: Greg Gross
2 Assist: Hampton Hager
3 Assist: Jason Harvey
4 Assist: Eric Haskin
5 Assist: Ethan Haskin
6 Assist: Chris Hollandsworth
7 Assist: Jake Hunter
8 Assist: Stephen Hunter
9 Assist: Ross Hysmith
10 Assist: Matt Ibbetson
11 Assist: William Ireland
12 Assist: Alan Jopson
13 Assist: Rusty Kalenza

Opening Prayer: Roy Jeffers
Closing Prayer: Chuck Dohm
Usher: Grant Alumbaugh & Jamie Ridenour
Greeters Up: B & L Epps
Greeters Down: M & G Collins
Singing: Tommie Washington
Nursery: Heather Powell
Ellie Powell
A/V: Bentley Janes

Sunday Night
Singing: William Ireland
Scripture: Mark Walker
Opening Prayer: David Savage
Closing Prayer: Alexander Bannister
Lord’s Supper: Bryan Kite
Nursery: Leila Washington

Singing: Shawn Slauson
Closing Prayer: Gil Lawrence
Comm. Prep.: Lawrence
Pickup Cups: 3rd Graders


Sword Swallowers

Sword Swallowers is back! during pm services for all 4th—6th graders. See the Bitting’s or Janes’ with questions.