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Forgiveness Seminar

January 17th – 19th

7:00 pm Friday:  “Forgiveness- A Gift I’m Given From God”

 7:00 pm Saturday:  Forgiveness- A Gift I Give Myself”

 9:30 am Sunday Bible Class:  “Forgiveness- A Gift I Give to Others”

 Sunday AM Worship:  “Forgiveness– Permission to Enjoy the Remission of Sins”

 Sunday PM Worship:  “Forgiveness– A Gift I Give God”


Sermons for Today:

AM: Robert Hatfield “ The Power of Commitment”

Reading:1 Kings 8:59-61

PM: Robert Hatfield “Jesus’ Gospel is Different!”

Family News

Elders, Deacons, Minister Meeting

There is a meeting scheduled for Sunday January 26th at 4:00 pm for all Elders, Deacons and Ministers. Please make plans to attend.

Save The Date

We have a seminar scheduled for Friday, January 17th through Sunday, January 19th with Dan Winkler on the subject of “Forgiveness”. Make plans to attend now!

Save The Date

“Identity Matters” with speaker, Alan Highers is scheduled for April 25-26th, 2020. Our theme is “In the Image of God” You are not going to want to miss this. Details on lessons to come; mark your calendars now!

New Horizons Senior Bible Study

The New Horizons Bible Study is here at the building Wednesday’s at 12:00 pm. Anyone is welcome to attend. See Keith Franklin with questions.

Lord’s Supper Preparation

There is a sign up on the bulletin board for preparation of the Lord’s Supper. Please consider this act of service. See Barry VanHamme with questions.

Song Leaders Needed

We are in need of song leaders! Beginning in January with the launching of Indian land, we will lose several of our song leaders. If you are interested in serving in this way please see Bentley Janes.

Ladies Winter Luncheon

All ladies of the congregation…..please join us for a ¨Ladies´ Winter Luncheon¨ on Sunday, January 26 after morning services. Lunch will be served along with some fun winter activities!

  1. ´Backwards´ Gift Exchange :)…Bring a gift you have received that you wish to pass along. (optional) ~!Wrap or place in a gift bag please~
  2. Another giving opportunity…Bring a gift card for the Southeastern Children’s Home–suggestions–Walmart, Target, grocery store, etc. (optional)

We need a good head count, so please sign up in the foyer if you wish to come.  We have also invited the Indian Land ladies.  We hope to see you all then for some food, fun, and fellowship!

Any questions? See Dian Lieck


Area Events

See the bulletin board for event details

1.17.20 Forgiveness Seminar/ GHR/ Dan  Winkler

3.14.20 Carolina Men’s Day/GHR/”One Body”/Various Speakers

4.25-26/ Identity Matters/ GHR/ Alan Highers

4.25.20 Ladies Day/ Seneca/ Becky Blackmon


Girls Middle/ High School Bible Study

There will be a Middle / High School Girls Bible Study will be here at the building on Sundays, at 5pm.  Please come join us, any questions, see Haley Cox. 

CBC Winter Camp

Winter Camp @ CBC is right around the corner! January 17-20.Youth group members age 13 – 18 are encouraged to join us for a full weekend of fun, fellowship, singing, and learning. We plan to meet at the church Friday at 5:00 pm to take a van to camp as a group. Register at  http://carolinabiblecamp.com/register/



* Betty Baker fell and broke her left foot at home this past Wednesday. They are still trying to determine why she passed out.

* Ethan Washington is now home and is continuing to recover.

* Ernie Girard has been diagnosed with  prostate cancer.

* Harold Weston has difficulty walking due to his hips. Please pray  for Sharon as she cares for him.

* Continue to pray for both Dave & Cris Newell.

* PJ Inness, mother is home recovering from two separate hospitalizations due to post surgery complications.

* The mothers’ of Barb Arbaugh, Rodney Grant, Jim Passmore, Len Patterson, and Margaret Wallace are dealing with various health issues.

* The fathers’ of  Jerry Brooks, Greg Gross, and Derrick Williamson are dealing with various health issues.

* Robert Hatfield’s grandmother, Rebecca Hart is in rehab.

* PJ Inness’ sister-in–law, Kathy Stevens’ had a sudden decline in her condition and is beginning Hospice care.

* John Wade’s brother-in-law, Bill Hyslop has a malignant tumor on his kidney and a mass in his lung. Tests are being run to evaluate treatment.

* Charles Taylor’s co-worker, Helene Ward’s cancer has spread to her bones. Additionally, his co-worker Richard Ayers has been diagnosed with brain cancer.

* Mark & PJ Inness’ neighbor  update* Linden Stillwell is iback at home and in a great deal of pain.

* Remember our shut-ins: Ed Berlin, Gloria Girard, Ruby Lett, and Lois Viera.

* We mourn the loss of our brother, Chuck Wiseman. We extend our sympathy to Betty Mac and her family. Chuck’s memorial was here yesterday.

* Sympathy: We mourn the loss of our sister, Sylvia Allen; there will be a memorial for her here January 25th.

* Charles Taylor’s cousin, Carol Woodland passed away this past Sunday. Please keep her family in VA in your prayers.


Winter Quarter Classes

Today at “The Pearl” of Fort Mill

Speaker: Bob Mantie

Song Leader: N/A


Winter Quarter Classes (December 1)

Sunday Adult Auditorium:


William Ireland & Jamie Ridenour

Sunday Adult Downstairs:

Chuck Dohm

Assurance of our Faith


Winter Quarter Classes (December 4)

Wednesday Adult Auditorium:

Robert Hatfield

Rise Up and Build (Nehemiah)