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The Church Meets  Again In One Place

     It seems like a year since January 1, 2020.  What a year this has been so far. 

    Personally, I feel that our present plan to meet again is well thought out and orchestrated.  This is due to the diligence of our Elders who have been in prayer, have gathered input from others, and have surveyed guideline procedures from a variety of sources. While we all have missed the experience of all of the components of our being together, let us be mindful to follow the guidelines that have been set forth. 

     I want to share the following from brother Brandon Edwards. He captures many pertinent thoughts in his short piece highlighting several feelings that many can identify with over the past few months. 

These are truly interesting times.

In a world where we are all suddenly very on guard as to contagious diseases of the body, may we also be as on guard as it pertains to the dangerous, highly addictive diseases of the mind – namely, fear, irrationality, selfishness, and obsession.

Fear can drive us to forget to love others. Irrationality can drive us to focus on things that don’t matter. Selfishness can drive us to buy more than we need. Obsession can lead to paranoia and anxiety.

Peace, be still. These thoughts, pervasive as they are in our current times, are merely symptoms of a great struggle we all go through – a struggle to place our complete faith in God and let Him guide us all. It is ok to have doubts, but before you doubt God, doubt your doubts.

You see, God is not surprised about any of our current situation nor is He panicking on what to do. He simply asks that we trust Him, obey the laws of the land, and be Holy as He is Holy. Love your neighbor. Help a friend. Stay home with your family.

So, focus on the good in your life today and protect your mind as we all protect our bodies. 

#WashYourHands #SocialDistancing #GlobalChurch #GlobalFamily

Brothers and sisters at Gold Hill Road, let us remember to be patient, kind, helpful, and loving to one another as we begin to come back into our assemblies (Romans 12:9-13; Galatians 5:22-26). 

Steve Miller


Prayers & Updates

* Mary Carter  had successful surgery and is home recovering.

* Betty Baker continues to have episodes of passing out. They are trying to determine the cause.

* Aaron Passmore is home and improving.

* Remember Shirley Jeffers as she continues to manage her ongoing pain.

* Josh Buchanan’s parents and Brian Buchanan’s parents, who are dealing with health issues.

* Remember Keith Franklin’s sister; Tan Franklin. She is awaiting surgery.

* Len Patterson’s mother is receiving dialysis treatments.

* Joe Theado’s sister Helen has declined in health. Additionally, their neighbor’s daughter, Robin, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer .

* Margie Hamilton’s nephew had open heart surgery in Indianapolis.

* Jane Cherry’s friend, Fernando Crespo,  is in a NJ hospital with COVID-19.

* Allison Bradley’s friend , Jimmy Dixon had recent surgery to remove a brain tumor.

* Continue to remember those who serve in our military. Alexander Bannister, Caitlin Bitting, James Ridenour, Gracie Bannister, Braxton Greene and Harrison Brooks.


Online Study, Prayer, & Worship

Þ Livestream Worship

Each Sunday morning at 10:30 am. Tune in to our Gold Hill Youtube.com/user/goldhillchurch. 

Þ Children’s Bible Class

Sunday’s with Emily Hatfield. Youtube.com/user/goldhillchurch. 

Þ Families & Fellowship

Sunday’s at 6:00 pm on ZOOM. Designed to engage families with younger children.

Þ Favorite Passages

Each Monday : Youtube.com/user/goldhillchurch a featured favorite passage will be shared from one of our men.

Þ Lunchtime Prayer

Tuesday’s at noon with Keith Franklin & Robert Hatfield via our Gold Hill Facebook page. Prayer requests are made through the comments in the live video.

Þ Call From Elders

Expect to receive a call update from our Elders each Tuesday.

Þ Wednesday Bible Study

Robert Hatfield & Steve Miller are leading a study discussion on family/church relationships. Watch for new episodes each Wednesday afternoon through our Facebook page or Youtube.com/user/goldhillchurch.

Gold Hill Youth – Wednesday MS/ HS Summer Series 

This week we meet at the Haskin’s Home: 397 Country Club Dr. Rock Hill, SC – Plan to be outside for Food, Fun, Fellowship. Bring a lawn chair