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IMG_7670The Church of Christ at Gold Hill road had quite a special weekend recently at the Lads 2 Leaders Convention in Nashville.  The kids improved a variety of their skills, learned a great deal of Bible knowledge, and earned amazing results to show for it.  Here is a summary of our accomplishments at this year’s L2L convention along with some photos.

Art Says It

Abby Bedford                           6th        Painting

Landon Coats                           K-2nd    Drawing/Sketching, Painting

Martha Hager                           7th        Drawing, Photography

Miriam Hager                           5th        Painting

Kinzie Hall                                8th        Drawing

Addison Haskin                        3rd        Painting

Avery Haskin                            K-2nd    Painting

Ethan Haskin                            7th        Photography, Painting

Andrew Ibbetson                      3rd        Painting

Kenzie Ibbetson                        K-2nd    Painting

Ariel Ireland                              6th        Painting

Jaylin Ireland                            8th        Drawing, Painting

Gabby Knight                           4th        Drawing, Painting, Photography, Posters, Bull. Board

Madelynn Malone                    5th        Painting

Ellie Powell                               5th        Painting

Hayden Powell                         K-2nd    Painting

Claire Walker                            3rd        Painting


IMG_7660Puppet Theater (6th Grade Team) – 3rd Place

Abby Bedford               Andrew Ibbetson

Elizabeth Bramlet          Ariel Ireland

Miriam Hager               Gabby Knight

Addison Haskin            DJ Taylor

Madelynn Malone


Bible Reading

Kenzie Ibbetson

Magnus Ibbetson

Andrew Ibbetson

Abby Bedford

Gabby Knight


18109779_10209466333076015_649006839_nPuppet Theater (10th Grade Team) – 1st Place

Will Bramlet                  Jaylin Ireland

Martha Hager               Evalie Janes

Kinzie Hall                    Caleb VanHamme

Ethan Haskin                Wilson Walker


Centurion of Scripture

Landon Coats                           Bronze


18142822_10209466332956012_118718234_nGood Samaritan

Abby Bedford                           Bronze

Martha Hager                           Bronze

Miriam Hager                           Bronze

Kinzie Hall                                Silver

Addison Haskin                        Bronze

Avery Haskin                            Bronze

Ethan Haskin                            Bronze

Asa Jopson                               Bronze

Ava Jopson                               Bronze

Claire Walker                            Bronze

Sophie Walker                          Gold

Wilson Walker                          Silver



Abby Bedford                           Table Setting, Home Safety

Elizabeth Bramlet                      Home Safety

Martha Hager                           Home Safety

Miriam Hager                           Table Setting, Home Safety

Addison Haskin                        Table Setting

Ariel Ireland                              Table Setting, Sewing, Home Safety

Ava Jobson                               Home Safety

Gabby Knight                           Home Safety

Madelynn Malone                    Table Setting, Home Safety

Ellie Powell                               Home Safety

Claire Walker                            Table Setting, Home Safety

Sophie Walker                          Table Setting, Sewing, Home Safety


Mass Media

Christian Cienfuegos    10-12   Storyline

Asa Jopson                   10-12   Storyline

Ava Jopson                   10-12   Storyline

Madelynn Malone        10-12   Storyline

Ellie Powell                   10-12   Storyline

Wilson Walker              10-12   Storyline


Second Language

Ariel Ireland                  French – Bronze

Ava Jopson                   French – Bronze


Year-Round Bible Reading

Landon Coats               Silver


IMG_7694Bible Bowl

3-4   –   2nd Place

Ella Buchanan

Addison Haskin

Andrew Ibbetson

Magnus Ibbetson


5-6     –     Finalist

Gabby Knight

Madelynn Malone

Claire Walker

Abby Bedford


7-8 – Finalist

Kinzie Hall

Ethan Haskin

Ava Jopson

Martha Hager


9-10   –  Finalist

Ariel Ireland

Jaylin Ireland

DJ Taylor

Will Bramlet



5th  Grade    Miriam Hager   2nd Place

5th  Grade     DJ Taylor

6th Grade     Asa Jopson

7th Grade     Ethan Haskin


K-2nd Song Leading

Landon Coats


K-2nd Songs of Praise

Maisy Batts

Grayson Coats


IMG_7692Song Leading

9th Grade     Caleb VanHamme        1st Place

Songs of Praise

3rd Grade     Claire Walker

4th  Grade    Gabby Knight               2nd Place

4th  Grade    Madelynn Malone

6th  Grade     Elizabeth Bramlet

7th  Grade    Evalie Janes

8th  Grade    Selah Taylor


IMG_7693Bible Bowl Test

5-6  Grade     Abby Bedford

9-10  Grade     Will Bramlet

K-2  Grade     Ella Buchanon  High Point

9-10  Grade     Taylor Cherry

7-8 Grade      Martha Hager

7-8 Grade      Kinzie Hall        High Point

K-2  Grade     Grace Harvey   High Point

K-2  Grade     Kaylin Harvey   High Point)

3-4  Grade     Addison Haskin

7-8  Grade     Ethan Haskin

3-4  Grade     Andrew Ibbetson          High Point

K-2 Grade      Kenzie Ibbetson            High Point

K-2  Grade     Magnus Ibbetson          High Point

5-6  Grade     Ariel Ireland

7-8  Grade     Jaylin Ireland

5-6  Grade     Asa Jopson

7-8  Grade     Ava Jopson       High Point

3-4  Grade     Gabby Knight   High Point

5-6  Grade     Madelynn Malone

5-6  Grade     Ellie Powell

K-2  Grade     Hayden Powell High Point

5-6  Grade     DJ Taylor

3-4  Grade     Claire Walker    High Point